Enter the Digital Bridge!

The digital bridge forms a virtual connection between Germany and Estonia. We share the experience of a generation.

Estonia is considered the digital pioneer of Europe. We provide exciting insights into the digital transformation of the country. The digital bridge enables a better connection between Germany and Estonia. It’s about know-how, new business models and new administrative approaches.


Wonderland E-Estonia

Analysis of the success model after one generation. Didactically oriented and focused analysis. Lessons learned


Identification Consulting

Identification of customer needs and customer experiences / implementation, for example in the field of digital health.


Matching Workshop

Product management and product development. Sustainable digital solutions. Problem solving on site.

The digital bridge to Estonia as an eye and door opener

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Particular importance of education and health

The corona crisis has relentlessly exposed the deficits of digitization in Germany, especially in the areas of “education” and “health”. It is time for the fourth largest economy in the world to take a step forward, especially since the shortcomings of administrative digitization are being criticized.

We are firmly convinced that digitization offers many opportunities. A look across the borders helps decisively, specifically our digital bridge. For a long time now, the focus is no longer only on Silicon Valley.

Estonia, the small country in northeastern Europe, is regarded as a globally recognized digital trendsetter.


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A generation of experience

The course was set there a generation ago, i.e. before EU accession. Visionaries recognized very early that digitization would become the new raw material. Above all, the company relied consistently on e-solutions. A lot can be learned from a generation of experience. Be ready to experiment as a designer. Then the practical added value is guaranteed.

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Data protection and security

“Made in Germany” should stand for quality, functionality and usefulness in the new digital age.

Isolated solutions in the field of digitization make little sense. The key is to find a way out of data protection fundamentalism.

Estonia also meets the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.


Germany can learn from the basic principles that provided the guard rails for the establishment of the Estonian e-government. Both countries differ in terms of their size, culture and institutions. Nevertheless, it is about the crucial implementation key word, once-only. The principle means to hand over the data to the state once. This then provides the possibility of a data infrastructure, a network with interfaces.

For this purpose, the X-Road was created as a platform, which is also needed in Germany in order to implement the mandatory plans of the Online Access Act.

Hierzu wurde als Plattform die X-Road geschaffen, die es auch in Deutschland braucht, um die verpflichtenden Pläne des Onlinezugangsgesetzes umzusetzen.

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Step onto the digital bridge …

We tailor the offer according to your customer needs. Our matching workshops have the following range of topics, which we as a team develop precisely with you and for you.

We keep an eye on the new trends:

Management and digitization strategies

Mindset change as a lever

Digital Identity (s)

Marketing as a game changer

Digital education


Digital skills

Participation, e-voting

Generation of user acceptance

Data security in the digital age and cybersecurity

Cross-border e-services

Digital solutions also in the municipality

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